Why Choose Kate?
Seven Compelling Reasons to Sign Up Now!

Your Contacts Are Just A Phone Call Away

Calling anyone in your contact list is as simple as saying a name or group. You can even synchronize CommuniKate with your PDA or e-mail programs.

Video/Web/Audio Conferencing

When face-to-face meetings just aren’t possible, Kate offers video and Web conferencing for as many as 50 participants from around the corner or across the globe. Prefer an audio conference? Kate can schedule your conference or connect you on the fly.

Keep Track Of Your E-Mail By Phone

You can’t always be at your computer − but now you can check your e-mail anytime with a call to your assistant, who reads your e-mails and allows you to reply by voice.

Hands-Free Voice Dialing

Say the name of your contact and Kate will connect you. “Call Jim Smith.” There’s never a need to take your eyes off the road when using Kate in the car.

Receive Faxes Without A Fax Machine

Tired of the expense of a separate fax line, paper and toner? With CommuniKate, you can receive, view, store and forward faxes.

Schedule Meetings And Reminders

Schedule meetings and manage your calendar. Synchronize Kate with your desktop calendar. Need a reminder? Your assistant will call you.

Call Screening

Kate tells you the caller’s name in advance, so you never get stuck on an unwanted call. Kate even whispers the name on call waiting, giving you the choice to switch calls.