What is Kate?
Kate, the affordable, complete communications solution
With CommuniKate, you’ll experience the power and convenience of a complete communications solution.
How?  By combining all your communications in a single
toll-free number

CommuniKate lets you and your callers use natural voice commands to manage communications and stay in touch. It’s like having a personal assistant to answer your calls, handle voice mail, faxes and e-mails, schedule meetings, conference calls and more without the expense of an answering service or full-time receptionist.

CommuniKate links you with all your contacts − associates, clients, family and friends − easily and cost-effectively. Now you and everyone who needs to reach you can use natural, easy-to-use voice commands to stay in touch 24/7/365.

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You won’t find another communications solution that does so much for you so easily and affordably. A low monthly fee covers all these great features and more.

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